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Cracking on with in app voting for ITV’s Love Island

Cracking on with in app voting for ITV's Love Island

The summer of Love Island is officially over and as the public crown Amber and Greg as their favourite couple on Mallorca, this has been a record breaking season for viewer interaction

Tectonic Interactive’s vote platform is used by ITV for all its big brand shows, and powered the voting for another hugely successful series of Love Island

Over 9.5 million votes were placed across the series and on the final vote weekend, the public placed more than 2.7 million votes, up 11% year on year. Voting peaked at 9846 per second.

Peter Mossman, Director of Production, Interactive. – “Tectonic are our first choice for mass voting events at ITV. Their professional approach and track record mean they continue to be our trusted partner”

Charlene Butler, Project Manager at Tectonic “We at Tectonic know how important it is for votes to run smoothly and compliantly.  It is great to provide a trusted voting platform that integrates with TV programme apps to give audiences the power to vote on their favourite shows. 

A big thank you to Monterosa, who build the programme app, and to ITV Interactive who produce the votes and operate the Tectonic platform. It has been a pleasure to work on this project.”